Just Practice Vol. III

by SuperFasct Millions the Great

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Just Practice Vol. III is the latest and greatest in which the artist SuperFasct Millions offers even more original and unique combinations of production, mixing and mastering techniques (Jerry Mateo of UGS), style, word play, and overall lyrical content! The consensus is, we doubt you will find anything like this anywhere else.

"I like to envision myself as a young Michael Jordan practicing before the next season on this album...and somebody has snuck in to watch (You! The listener)."

-SuperFasct Millions the Great


released July 24, 2012

UGS Productions own Godkiller Siccx for the album art, logo, and text logo, and Jerry Anthony Mateo also of UGS Promotions for the mixing and mastering; Groovy Buddha for the recordng of the album.



all rights reserved


SuperFasct Millions the Great Hawaii

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Track Name: Big Money
1st verse
What you mean though?
I've been on this
Alcoholic, fiend for spliffs
Clean as bleachy mist
I make em' see blood!
Like sighting MItchey Slick
G's up
While standing on my six
I'm getting Maui love
Look Braddah, you KNOW it hits
Like a 30 foot high wave, they call me jigga
I see you haters but I just wave cause y'all ain't saying shit!
Off of this hurrican
Plus Adios mixed
Drank some Tanqueray
Half that , plus a Patron 5th
Who's feeling it with me?
Let's get a vibe
These women, they say they love me
But I know that they a lie
Who paged a major hit?!?
Well here you party people go, what you gon' do with it
Now that you got it
Whoa-whoa, your body
Toast the Hypnotic and poke something exotic

Big Money!
(Big Money!)
Throw it up!!!
Big Money!
(Big Money!)
Pockets swoll as fuck!!!
Half these MF's talking, they ain't showing up!
Half these MF's talking, they ain't showing up!!!

2nd Verse
What the hell though
I be tripplin it
Type of money bad bitches suck mad dick to get
Accumulated like I had a whole stable
Plush pad, modifications, leather, food, and cable
I'm willing and abled
Time's spinning, one way though
And you can't get it back so you've got to utilize it
Triston on the track
Bos Vegas and Super brutalized it (G-Mix coming at you soon)
Who's the wisest?
Let's apply our science on a co-assignment
And if you think I'm a fall quick, to yourself your lyin
Stealthy lion
Admire what they hate like some wealthy Zion
Through hell I'd ride!
I've already done it and then came back!!!
So as you'd imagine, I'm well defiant
Fuck the way they do thangs, change and multiply us
Small shit is what it ain't, little get behind us!
Big Money in the bank, our culture as grinders!

Chorus (2x)
Track Name: Goon Music
I'm try'na see ME when they Google, "THE BEST THAT THERE EVER WAS!"
Like Ali
SuperFasct with Lyrical gloves!
Can't pause me
So frosty
Cool like Iceez cups
And the cause be-
Since a small grade I've been soaking it up
From vetrans who honestly really lived it, not giving a fuck!
My circle remains a reflection of what it was
Like the-
Original words of the Nobel Quran
Don't fuck with snakes but I do eat swine and it seems like beef is a must
I tell 'em serve your fuckin platter then I'm eating them up
heatin them up
Have theymatter red and soaking from blood
Or I can call my foriegn blokes to come and roll up a rug
Just know when to budge and respect that, I'm one of the greats!
I bet you recognize it now haters
How does it taste?!?
Outta my face!
Told you it wasn't no joke!
But I still feel like fuck life!
Many complexities of SuperFasct Millz
Not surprised you haven't heard of me, I've been be-hind steel
Conversary, mainline, grievances, infractions, IMU
Mail call, collect calls, pushing weight, a nigga grew
Now I'm cool...
Cause I be in the mix
Maximizing my gains, better than magic tricks
Speaking of Magic's tricks, stay away from those hoes
They pack a magnum punch wit they clit, that'll leave a fool froze!
And that's real language
I write scriptures mufucka!
Go reveal the pages!
The NW Zecharia
Lyrical amazement
Super's the new age Pariah!
I'm past the moon
Who want to levitate?!?
I'll help your sould escape brotha, now come and meet your fate
Played real, discovered jake
Ain't nowhere to run to, real everywhere Know your fake!
I do this shit easy!
The equivalent: 7 wonders of the world your seeing
My real Mufuckas beside me, never beneath me
And non-real blood suckas never will defeat me
I ain't hard to find...
even with eyes of Stevie
I'm on the grind all the time more exposure seeking
PLEASE pay attention and to your friends of me mention
NeoRap my contribution
a new musical invention
I come with precision
Intentions clear, the provisions
Now pardon my wisdom
But I never will filter real spit!
Heartless Like a Monster in a dark pit
Just like Humans vs. Martians
That hard regardless
So regal and majestic
Hit these weenies
Turn they heads backwards
Fools thinking their dislexic
Like magnums, protected
Safe sex
I learned it from the block
That's my first bitch!
I was right there with the base yeeeaaah!!!
At the base of the Space Needle, Young Ace, Daaammmnn!
And this ain't regular music, it's more like Space Jam's
And beyond that too, that's just a waste Land!
The seperation of truth
I live like AMEN
Survive these turbulant storms brewing, my main plan
And in between doing that, concoct a gameplan
Never let these cowards take me out
Every move is smooth unless I'm stutter steppin clowns no doubt
(No doubt)
That was intentional hesitation
The consequences for not peeping the game never forgave them
I slay me!
The only time I'm every laying

If money were orange spheres, my hands be like Gary Paytons
Yeah! (2x)
Track Name: Majorism
Raw heat every time
Hard beats for your mind
Hit like Angel Dust
scarred peice for the crime, then throw it away
They ain't finding this, I'm going home today!
In the morning, I'll count money after I pray
They call it evil, but they haven't left another way
UGS, FTI mayne
You be us
Get tortured and die in vain
I miss my mf family
Tired of people acting like it is a game
And you make me want to die in vain?
You say you know where I live, but I ain't seen a thang
I guess it was metaphorical
And when he asked me "what's up fool" that was rhetorical
I see the times change
Don't agree with the politics, just stay in my lane
Cause if I issue out some act right
Niggas gonna run like they hit the fucking crack pipe
Get a bigger gun?
I don't think you understand right
The next bigger step is to blow up the whole town!
You could have the rep I just want the cabbage and trust I
will do what is necessary come crunch time
I know your waiting on the punch line
Well get ready to eat, I'm serving it like a lunch line!
Track Name: Superism
1st verse
I need Warehouses
Fuck duffle bags
Fuck is paper bag money?
Those are little stacks!
Fasct is in the building
I know you're feeling that
The name says it all
Who's fucking with that?
I got a one track mind when it comes to this cash
I got a million different grinds when it comes to this cash
I'm up before the daylight with regard to my cash
And fuck adding, I be multiplying this cash

(Even if I fail I'll land on a bunch of money!) repeated
All I want is money, Give me the money (2x)
All I want is green, give me the green (2x)

Money over bitches?
Y'all just saying that!
Y'all ain't really with the business
Stop saying that!
Y'all could even call some witnesses to have your back
Y'all could even have Johnny Cochran, from out the grass
But back to Fasct and his vast ocean of scratch
Y'all should thank the starry skies he's supplied you with this track
It's an anthem to get money to, motivation attatched
Now it's up to you!
To get up off of your ass!

Chorus (1x)

And that's why the stacks continue to stack
Serious as a six pack of heart attacks
Delirious if you ain't really knowing that
I'm blowing that, 10 fold chronic ganja sac
Mama what's hattnin?
Your bomb and black
And I'm a boss with facts
So why not join forces?
Let's flaws and make magic
Until they kill me? Naw, never that!
I say until I go and rest where them players at!

Chorus (1x)

Amen to this real shit!
They want to sue me!
Because when Super's in town it's unruly!
See 'em?
How they reaching for their tooly?!?
They want to do me cause I'm so unruly!

Chorus (1x)

I majored in this game
Ain't a damn thang change
Working on my doctorate now
Such bountiful gains
Smashing down the barrier
Passing these lames
All Pimp and no play
No give, it's all gain
More sincere than all the players combined who share the name
Game so heavy, and THAT'S why I use a cane
More than a run
I'm not T-Pain
A heart of platinum with a frame
Red diamond brain
Lead blindin' mayne
Don't confuse the finesse
dude moves so fresh
Do it the best of the best
Remove the stress with the sess
And Keep on crusin!
If you ain't choosin' than bitch you're loosin'!
Track Name: Free/Written

If the booth were the face of a very large man-
My spits would be the mighty fists you'd need to leave him toothless!

All strategy
Being cut from this cloth meant more struggle, but I'm glad that it had to be
Graduated at the head of my class as you'll see
Post education application
Professor in my own rights
At letting the 4 ignite for bones of plight
Turn off your domelight then get away very casually
Fools slow like mollasses, I'm fast as Cashes Speed
Gas mask of my flows, might cause you to pass from O.D.Ing
If I got it, I deserve it
I'm a flash a little, swerve it
Give a FUCK if I curb it
Just replace it and keep pervin'
Like a habitual sex offender, showing my ass, better learn it
I just do me with no inhibitions
That's what they've murdered
The true self of most nowadays
Who is that person?
And why are they so mad when I pull back the curtain
The throne, I've climbed that
Tested the cushions of the mercilous
Hopped back off
Cause how could I chill while my souljah's hurtin
It's not even my wisdom, It's God's only
I just share as intructed
Serve it up with no bologna
Don't burn it
"He's ejected" is the verdict for that
Soft shit he talkin
niggas is like sherbert
Run out of raps I kick it off the top of the muscle
Show you niggas who gon' topple with hustle
Fuck these niggas up
All of them hoes'll be leakin'
How we do it
Like they got in fights some Ricans
And they got stuck
Niggas making moves and shit
Doing this
Coming from that 206
It's rainin in the Sea-Town
Niggas'll catch a beatdown
I'm spittin these lyrics profound
Niggas'll catch a noun now!

Chorus (4x)

It's like they got gills
Can't breath the air I breath
I find it so trill
You have doubt?
Just watch and you'll see
How you realah than a crispy bill?
Promissary note mf
NOW who's the fool?
Ain't realah than gold
Ain't realah than platinum or diamonds
There's global control on ALL that!
Purchases keep them shinin'
Can't even say I'm realah than space
Cause they'll sell you that then come back and take it one day
I've come to the conclusion
I'm not realah than anything
It's all just an illusion
It's bout staying in your own lane while naturally cruisin'
If I do me
Bet black
I won't be loosin'
Superism thoughts
Original mind matter
Minerals from the land of the lost, that'll make 'em gather
Criminals got the hand of this strosses shit
The more of us make it?
You already know the rest!
See I ain't hatin' by the slimmest measure
I've been in the pavement through nice AND the stormy weather
I've been hated upon simplly because I'm better
The whole time this ugly chest carried a treasure
But still I keep mashin'
Cold hearted assassin
Usually known for blastin
Lately I've been chillin' but don't make the villain come out
That's just how we do it Dog
I dumb out
Make this shit pop
Through my lyrics
Yeah my heart and soul
Put it all into this and take it back to when I was knee old
To a fly's shoulder
Knee short to newports
We used to carry boulders
And try to get a few dough
But now we just chillin' making a killin' with our wisdom
Life experience we been through
Put it to this shit
Got, Many facets to it like a bunch of diamond prisms
My niggas do this shit up on the grind or in the prison
Track Name: Money's Like Protien
The heart of magnum clips
The art of of stacking chips/
So legal now/
You would swear I passed the bar and shit/
Naw, see, this new money,
so sweet and permanent,
Its Just like dew honey/
Look, Fuck the few bummy,
Heathens that want do the coming greatness,
Who ain't shit/
Plus equals who want me vanquished due to threat of their bankclips/
Older soul?
That's without a doubt,
We don't speak the same language/
You dudes can't factor my style/
Known to cause super mayhem like a super nova/
I tell the truth on these mic's cause I've been through it soldier/
And from the booth to the stripes on these lanes I Rover/
I remain the same coo nigga who blew that doja/
Small shit to a giant,
What's the science pimpin?
It's simple math,
Clients for my bitches equals riches/
Stop my shine?
Nigga must be out yo mind
Pop pop these rhymes/
Take off, the whole top to your spine/
And I bet you I get away clean/
Polished Goon music for you and ur team/
Hollows through stupid fools tearin they seams/
All the trouble I've been through persuin' my dreams/
But now the calm has come/
1 with the environment around me birthing funds...
Obtaining assets
I'm, SuperFasct Millions, an economical gas head!!!/
Teach you some shit like googling "man strata"
Treat EM like they treated us when they fall they get nada
Cause everybody ups and downs
What goes around comes around
I'm originally from the Puget Sound
And I could keep spitting it
Frequently, fluently, forthcoming like a Tsunami dose and ruin ships!
Doing this, since 96
Battling on the block up in the 206
Chewing rappers apart, like a food challenge with ribs
Mouth full of them rocks, watching out for the pigs
What you talking bout?
Do I have to explain?
If I have to, it's really in vain!
And the main thing is keeping the main thing the main thing
Staying focused, and stay clean
Gotta get it
Money to me's like protein
So I abduct it like ghastly sickos do pre-teens
Track Name: Nine Diamond on the track - Whispers
When it's us, it's just us girl
But I'm never satisfied with just our world
If our lives were televised it'd be a soap opera
Movie actress type, and a young show stopper
You know I ride when I stab it and break you off proper
Real right with my stamina
Go all night mama
Too bad it's temporary
See it ain't gonna last
At least you can say, you did it B-I with Fasct
I see what we could have, but it's not the right decision
Too many reckless nights and connections with other women
Too much recklessness, probably and crimes of sinning
Too many ugly sights, paranoia grippin
If petunias are a righteous life, I'd be Kiave
If two and two is four, my equations are not fittin'
Though I'm smitten
And priorly I'd feel a way about it
I've come to accept my nature and with love just go without it
Appreciate your attempts but, baby their in vain
So instead of pain, let's have a good time instead of saying:
"I'll never do this" and "I'll never do that"
Never dance again?!?
What type of mess is that?
Can't, be bitter...hold onto the past
Girl live your life
Don't hold onto Fasct
It's a roll of the dice if you want it like that
But with me, You already know what's fact
Track Name: No Sunshine
Girl I miss you
I only want to hug and kiss you
I still cry over you
Big bags of tissue
Ain't no sun
So the weather is the issue
Storms of my own life made you miss too
Based on my decisions, you've been affected
Thanks to your Katida, you ain't been neglected
I hustled hard for money, to offer protection
But my mind wasn't right cause I kept getting arre-
This isn't about excuses
It's a song to you Kashauni
About how blue it gets
When your away
No medication calms, I have to pray
I'm in Hawai'i with Grandma Carnie making a way
Your birthdays June 1st
I'll be there to cut the cake
These tropics ain't got nothing on the aura you display
I know your probably tired of what grown folks got to say
When the rarely back it up
Well I'm here to make a change


2nd Verse
It's like huddling in Antarctic tents
But you gave me so much warmth, I'll survive these extra stints
I know you probably wonder "What is up with this?"
From time to time
But line for line
I spit it to you real girl!
Life is complex
With the proper amount of patience it'll all make sense
You have DNA from both sides that offer courage and strength
Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding
Power and righteousness
The harder life might get is the form of a compliment
Cause Jah knew you were strong enough to carry the weight of it
So shine baby! Shine!!!
Never feel fine with settling for less
Always give it your best
And I ain't just talking
I'll be right there too
Can't speak for no one else but that's my promise to you
Cause I know what it's like to have my daddy gone for a few
Don't know where I'd be if it wasn't for your Grandpa Boom
Track Name: Real Rap Raw
I'm flowin on the block
I'm flowin in the prison too
I'll NEVER stop flowin!
This is what I'm 'posed to do!!!
I'm flowin on the clock
Even flowin in the shower
I spit it a little different when I'm flowin off the sour!!!

1st Verse
Prepare for the sequel
All others there is no equal
And I can't apologize for shining so bright people
In the air cause I snared some lethal
In the studio now prime time tearing shit a new cheek hole
My fear is pequito
Why I risk it all my amigo!
Been through Judah with the red lines shining like diamond people
Reflection of Space needles in my pupils
I remember
Feeling broker than the fragments of some Russian ruples
Digging on a plot
Try'na make the madness stop
But my world kept shaking like an aftershock
Got it all together, now shit is better, the weather's fine
Fuck wood grain and leather
I've got my piece of mind
Focus, meditation
Bullshit eradicated
Grown shit I entertain
Whole self emancipated
And no I would never trade it
It is what it is
I am what I am plus a measured dose of greatness
Fuck so-so'ing, graduate it
Escape from the matrix
Flows been unrestrained since that
Isn't it amazin?!?

Chorus (2x)

2nd Verse
In words
I serve and they devour
Eating fools up like creamy clam chowder
The fee style is free for a while
Wanted y'all to have a sample of what I'm fin to do to childs
Nothing vile
Just a bit of old school rugged shit
Fuck the media!
Beat yo ass down in public trick!
Mf's be the livest till the shit hits
Now they focused on survival and ain't feeling it
That's why I watch the words I say, plus I stay alert
Even though I rap now, there's years I put in work
Never disclose the factuellz
My lips are sealed
You should just use your 'magination or not worry you feel?
Just know I do this flowing mayne, it's starting to pay the bills
Plus I anticipate major growth in these coming yields!
Track Name: Giant
The monstrous Giant
Metropolis science
Applied it
Streets ain't got no love
The game?
A broke appliance
Track Name: Medusa
...I'm sorry I was M-I-A but Super had to clean it out
It's too much at stake to be f'ing around!

1st Verse
And nobody knows that like me
My flow ain't glass, hard like concrete
You already know I'm at light speed
Y'all feet be ash try'na keep up with me
But moving this quick, sometimes you neglect shit
So I had to hit the brakes get things back in perspective
Now I'm back again
SuperFasct Milly-Awno
Smooth like violen's
Smooth Like this future beat
I'm like the wealthy that don't know choices
"Who the hell's defeat?!?"
I eat rappers!
Fry the grissle of they cleats
And this is just practice, 'magine the LP
Now did I slow it down?
Bring the clarity out enough?
Are you with me now?
Got a grip on the style?
Travel with me through a hustlers brain with me now
Duck the babbles of the state
Gavels hit me: POW!
Flucutate with self-hate
Get grits the shitty style
Fuck it!
It's them or my people
And the chips is down
Take what I need and keep it going
Grind till the morning
Ain't no way I'm a stop, right?
Like the whip was stolen
Try'na live it so fat they call me "Big Swollen"
What I do with this rap will leave the biz smokin'
What I'm spittin is fact
It ain't been mispoken
How I get it like that?
Give thanks and stay focused
Stay on my job
Survive the thirst
And keep flowin
No matter what, I keep flowin!
Pounds on em'!\
Like King Kong cloned again
Beef of many clans
feet beating the lands
We rollin'
Track Name: Deep Deep West
You ain't hip yet?
Man Hawai'i is the Deep Deep West!
Favored highly and considered the best
Where it's shiny and we dip with finesse

Never trippin' now your dippin with the best
Tropical chronic for your optics, it's never no stress
Mobbin' fool
Bar hoppin too
don't need no vest
Gangster's paradise is here 'fore we rest
Mob to it
Get live to it
Say YES!!
Women grind to it
jiggle they mind fluid with sex
I'm SuperFasct Millions
Live from the NW
206 to the 808!
Come try-
It be some thangs for ya'
Keep clips like, snitches keep names for ya'
Lame lawyers
Public pretenders, they trade some change for ya'
Game over
The incentive is flippin' Range Rova
Luxery tinted (tinted)
Ride till this games sober
Change over fame in these lanes, mayne, I take over
Gains is the only type aims I like to make blow up
What you mean they want to try and test?
Come bring that noise and them elroys just gon find a mess!

Chorus (2x)
Track Name: African American Culture
Yeah...I was just doing some thinking, you know what I'm saying? I mean I know my raps contradict themselves. We all contradict shit. Shit...this life ain't easy. But anyways, I was just thinking y'all. About the African American Culture. And how we really do it. All bullshit aside. I thought this shit was heavy. So uh...thank you God for these words. I'm, bout to give 'em to you.

Uprooted and polluted
Turned against eachother
Now we murder some other stuff while we murder our brother
While we murder our sister
Our communities smother
Instead of uplift and fix the hood'll just put us under
No doubt it makes us rebelious
Crimes and violence
Let's develope synergy and use the energy as an appliance
Look, what's the science?
Put the past behind us
Obtain a win like the New York Giants
Really get it back to being 'Your Highness'
While still recognizing God First
Without Him we'd be blinded
And to the ones talking 'bout "What I'ma do?"
What about your faith in God?
Ask the Hebrews
They made it through

And that's real language
I write scriptures
Go reveal the pages
The NW Zecharria
Let's put it together and build an empire

(Outro talking)
I don't know, am I trippin y'all? Well if I am, at least it's on a positive tip.
Let's get it together y'all. One by one...moon by moon, sun by sun...it will be won